Terms and Conditions


The fees quoted by Shakeadog Photography are for the original job description as presented by the client.

Any subsequent changes, whether made orally, or in writing, may result in additional charges. 

All quotes are valid for 30 days.

Payment Terms:

A 50% deposit is required by the shoot date for work to commence for all new clients.

Full payment will be made to release all final images and licence once work is completed.

Payment terms are 7 days from receipt of invoice.


Licensing and Copyright:

1. Shakeadog Photography expressly reserves the copyright of all images created by Shakeadog Photography in the course of business.

2. Shakeadog Photography reserves the right to use any images created as “samples of work” or in a portfolio context.

3. These copyrights may be transferred or assigned where a “buy out” has been arranged.

4. Images created by Shakeadog Photography are supplied to the client under a licensing agreement for the clients use based upon the clients requirements.

5. Shakeadog Photography licenses are designed to meet the requirements of the client based on representations
made to produce the quote and typically consist of a twelve (12) month period of use and will outline the media the images can be used in.

6. Editing of images by third parties is permitted under the license, however commercial use by third parties of edited images must be negotiated with Shakeadog Photography.
7. Upon receipt of full payment the client will be licensed to use the images as detailed in the quote.

8. Images will not be sold on to third parties, photography libraries or used in advertisement of unrelated goods or services without the permission of Shakeadog Photography.


Additional Usage:

If the client wishes to use any images not covered in the original agreement, the client shall obtain permission from

Shakeadog Photography.



In the event of cancellation by the client within 24 hours of the shoot date, the client may be charged a cancellation fee.

If a shoot date needs to be changed, 48 hours notice is required.

Property Photography:

Due to WH&S and public liability:

I will not move:

Large furniture

Clothing or personal belongings (dirty or clean)

Crockery (dirty or clean)

Pet food bowls

Garbage bins

Gym equipment

For agents:

If a residence is unfit for photography upon arriving, you will be contacted to make a decision whether to proceed or not.

A cancellation/ re-schedule fee will incur.

I have produced a handy tips for preparing property for photography PDF for vendors, tenants and agents to use. It can be found in the info tab.

Drone Photography:

Whilst I make every attempt to use the drone when required, there are however, variables which can sometimes make flying unavailable on the day.

These are:



High winds

Restricted Airspace:

Such as manned airports (within 5.5kms)

Military airspace (within 10kms)

Major hospitals with helipads nearby

Major roads nearby.

Welcome to Shakeadog Photography,

Hi, I'm Troy Sinclair, professional photographer specialising in property and commercial photography.

I provide property photography, commercial photography, drone/ aerial photography, floorplans, virtual staging and

digital declutter.

My aim is to deliver the absolute best imagery for real estate agents and vendors when listing their property.

Shakeadog Photography focuses on providing you high quality and natural looking images.

Listing your property with realistic images that highlight the features and layout of your property is the best way to encourage genuine buyers to make contact.

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