Real estate photography:

Do you need professional real estate photography?


In today's competitive market you need to be able to showcase your property's unique features.  A selling point that could ultimately set you apart from the rest would be professional photos combined with stunning aerial shots. 

My property photography is delivered to agents, commercial agents, and private homeowners. 

I use only high-end Nikon camera equipment and use a combination of ambient and flash lighting to produce natural-looking interior and exterior images. All my images are digitally retouched to ensure optimum visual appeal.

I have a range of packages to suit all budgets.

Contact me for a price list.

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Drone photography / videography:

I am an accredited drone pilot with CASA

Using a high tech Drone for the elevated shot of your property. This gives potential buyers a different perspective and helps understand the layout of your property and proximity to landmarks in the area such as beaches, shopping hubs, or transport.

I can create exquisite drone photography/videography.  This style of photography allows buyers to view stunning aerial shots, which can be advantageous when showing the true size of the property and surroundings.

I offer the same elevated photography/ videography for commercial businesses too. Whether to show customers where you're located to showing off the scale of your work site.


Floor plans:

One of the most effective property marketing tools, which are much sought after by buyers, is a floor plan of your home.

I use the latest technology to create effective floor plans to make the process of purchasing property easier for potential buyers.


Not only does a floor plan help buyers create a blueprint in their mind, but it is useful information required in the decision-making process. Plans are also great for out-of-town buyers or those who miss the inspection, helping to bring an unseen property to life while maintaining their interest.

2D - Colour or Black & White. Or floorplans to your agency specs.

Site Plans are also available.

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Virtual staging:

Using virtual furniture for empty rooms is a great way to identify specific spaces and to give potential buyers an understanding of size of each room.

Rooms will be instantly recognisable by potential buyers online and be remembered because of their warm and inviting appearance.

This service is also perfect for builders and property developers who want to maximise the appeal of current builds for a fraction of the cost of traditional furniture staging. 


Digital declutter:

Vendors or tenants can sometimes be time poor and have no time to tidy up,

or they just don’t want their furniture or personal items in the images.

But you have to sell the property, so why not digital declutter?

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Do you need you place of business, club, restaurant or cafe professionally photographed?

Staff in action.

Head shots.

Food and menu.

Having your business or staff photographed professionally can really make you stand out from your competition, making your website look more appealing to prospective clients and customers too.


A walkthrough property video can highlight each room and space for the potential buyer.  Giving them a sense of what the property feels like and can offer. 

Showcasing the smallest of details to the size and scope of the interior and exterior.